Wheatland Electric makes “Kill-A-Watt EZ™ Monitoring Meters” available to help members identify which of their appliances are using the most electricity -- and where they can save money by cutting usage. Members can check out the devices at all local libraries in the cooperative’s service area for two weeks at a time.  There's a total of sixteen devices, two at each library listed:

• Caldwell Public Library

• Finney County Library

• Great Bend Public Library

• Greeley County Library

• Hamilton County Library

• Harper Public Library

• Scott County Library

• Wichita County Library

The device comes with instructions for use, but basically the Kill-A-Watt simply plugs into a wall outlet and then you plug your appliance or electronic device into it.  Kill-A-Watt then monitors how much electricity the appliance is using and displays the result on a small screen, showing you both the usage and the cost associated with that usage.

wall plug