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Working on the Line

Being a lineman may possibly be one of the most important jobs in our electric-dependent society. It’s challenging work, but also important work. Linemen are our first responders. Linemen are the unsung heroes who labor without regard to their own comfort in order to ensure our members have electricity. Perhaps you have seen them raising their bucket trucks in the howling winds and torrential rains, or in freezing, icy conditions. They work around the clock near high-voltage power lines until electricity is restored to every member in our co-op community.

One of the most important aspects about their job is the need for safety. Being a lineman is very rewarding, but it can also be unforgiving. Safety is a top priority at the co-op for all employees. But for linemen, there can be no slip ups or careless actions. Mistakes can cost a limb or a life.

Linemen put their life in the hands of co-workers every day and when they do that they become more than colleagues. They’re family. That sense of family extends to electric co-ops across the country. One of the cooperative principles is Cooperation among Cooperatives. Wheatland helps  other cooperatives in their time of need and they extend that service to us, too. Last year, during Winter Storm URSA, mutual aid crews arrived to help Wheatland repair and replace large sections of downed power lines. 




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