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What is AMI? How You, the Member, Can Benefit

​​After investing in nearly 33,500 AMI meters, Wheatland members have more control than ever over their energy use and electric bills.

In September 2015, Wheatland Electric began telling you, our members, about installing new Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) across our service territory. Fast forward 18 months and the process is all but complete. Our crews and operations staff have been busy installing nearly 33,500 meters. Your meter may look similar to the old one, but is much more sophisticated and offers many more advantages.

Reduced Meter Reading Costs

As a result of the AMI and Meter Data Management deployments, operational cost savings have been realized through automation of meter reading and member service activities.

Improved Service

The new AMI system provides Wheatland quicker notification of meter failures at both a communication and hardware level. Integrating the AMI system with Wheatland's member service software system has provided additional operational efficiencies and improved member service.


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