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HARPER COUNTY–Wheatland Electric Cooperative, Inc. announced today that its Sharing Success Fund, managed by the Scott Community Foundation, has awarded a $1,000 grant to USD 361, Chaparral Schools. The funds will be used to install playground equipment for students ages 9-12.

“We chose specific equipment for this age group to give our students the best workout,” says Stephanie Grippen, teacher with USD 361. “We are trying to give our kids the best resources available at recess time in order for them to work off excess energy so they are able to refocus and regroup in the classroom. The kids are so excited and very thankful for this opportunity that [Wheatland] has given them. With these funds, we can help our older kids, fourth through sixth grade, be able to enjoy being a kid for a little bit longer!”  

The Scott Community Foundation began formally accepting applications for grants from the Wheatland Electric Sharing Success Fund from non-profit organizations on December 1, 2012. Wheatland Electric and CoBank have each contributed $10,000 this year to the fund. The program will continue to run until the funds are exhausted.

Non-profit groups interested in receiving funding from the Wheatland Electric Sharing Success Fund can apply online. Questions should be referred to Alli Conine, Manager of Member Services & Corporate Communications, at 620-874-4563 or