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In 2021, we reached an incredible milestone in Great Bend with the opening of our new building, warehouse facility and innovative outdoor green space!

The outdoor green space, which sits just outside our new office building, features off-grid solar panels, a corrugated steel rainwater tank, and a turbine that provides up to 30 kWh of electricity per month to assist with the space’s outdoor lighting.

We developed this green space as an opportunity to inform visitors about the Earth’s precious resources and engage with our cooperative members about why “going green” can be beneficial to our communities, our country and our planet.

At Wheatland Electric, we’re constantly striving to balance environmental protection with the need to provide reliable and competitively priced electricity. 

From big changes, like diversifying our electric generation portfolio, to smaller ones, such as installing wildlife-friendly infrastructure, we are committed to promoting ecological development and conservation in cost effective ways. 

To share our future-focused priorities with groups of all ages, we invite and encourage school and community-based groups to visit our new innovative outdoor space. Visitors are welcome to tour on their own using our self-guided signage or contact us directly to schedule a formal tour guided by a WEC representative. 

Additionally, an hour-long, age-specific program (including planned, instructor-led indoor activities) is available for fifth-grade classrooms on a first-come, first-served basis. 

We invite interested school, civic and other community-based groups to come tour our new outdoor green space and learn about fossil-free energy sources (wind generator, solar generator and battery storage) and irrigation by a water recovery system at our new Great Bend facility.

To learn more or schedule a tour, contact Mary Hoisington, member services and key accounts manager, at or call 620-786-6001. 

Green Space in Great Bend
At the center of the green space is an AIR 30 Turbine that provides 30 kWh of electricity or more per month. These and other features of the green space are explained in signage for visitors to enjoy and learn from during self-guided tours. 
Green Space in Great Bend
Wheatland Electric welcomes area fifth-grade classrooms to learn more about fossil-free energy resources from our outdoor green space. Most recently, we hosted fi fth graders from Park Elementary. Guided tours are limited and given on a first-come, first-served basis.
Green Space in Great Bend
The Great Bend facility features an electric vehicle charging station with two ports that can power two vehicles simultaneously. The Level 2 EV charger is available 24/7 to the public.
Green Space in Great Bend
Electricity generated by the green space’s wind turbine is used in tandem with the electricity captured by four, off -grid Solarland 12-volt panels to provide accent lighting and fulfill any other electrical needs in our green space.