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HARPER COUNTY–Wheatland Electric Cooperative, Inc. announced today that its Sharing Success Fund, managed by the Scott Community Foundation, has awarded a $1,000 grant to Revolution Fellowship Church.

The funds will be used to purchase Christmas gift items such as toys, clothes, and stocking stuffers to give away in the church’s Community Christmas Store.

“The store will allow families to shop for their children’s Christmas gifts. All items will be purchased new and given free of charge to anyone in need of assistance,” says Kiley Davis, outreach coordinator for Revolution Fellowship. “The hope is that each child will get one large item, one small item, some books, clothes, and stocking stuffers. There will also be wrapping items available for people to wrap gifts there or take home with them.” Davis says the store is open to all of Harper County and surrounding areas.

The Scott Community Foundation began formally accepting applications for grants from the Wheatland Electric Sharing Success Fund from non-profit organizations on December 1, 2012. Wheatland Electric and CoBank have each contributed $10,000 this year to the fund. The program will continue to run until the funds are exhausted.

Non-profit groups interested in receiving funding from the Wheatland Electric Sharing Success Fund can apply online. Questions should be referred to Alli Conine, Manager of Member Services & Corporate Communications, at 620-874-4563 or

$1,000 Sharing Success Check for Revolution Fellowship in Anthony
Kiley Davis, Revolution Fellowship, accepts a Wheatland Electric $1,000 Sharing Success grant for the church’s outreach program, the Community Christmas Store.